English Development Workshop Series

English Development Workshop Series

The English Development Workshops assist international students with strengthing their skills in academic writing, reading and vocabulary development, pronunciation, conversation, and grammar in the English language. Representatives from the Program in Academic English/ESL facilitate these workshops. 

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Topics for Winter Quarter

Week 4

Thursday, February 1

Improve Your Academic Writing Skills With New Online Tools
Presenter: Alan Ng

Have you ever had trouble figuring out what the best word to use in an essay was? Whether to write put up with or tolerate? To use find out or discover? Have you ever learned a new word, but were unsure of how to use it correctly? If so, come to this workshop and learn about new powerful online resources that can help you solve these problems and more!  Corpora, vast collections of real world English, are powerful tools and students of all majors will effectively improve their vocabulary and grammar skills on future writing assignments after attending this workshop.

Week 6

Friday, February 16

Improve Conversational Pronunciation
Presenter: Ben Duncan

The purpose of this workshop is to present pronunciation tips for words, sentences, and longer patterns of speech. Strategies will be modeled for participants to practice both in the workshop and at home. This is a fun and interactive workshop designed to increase self-confidence in speaking English naturally in order to be understood. Your active participation is greatly encouraged!

Week 8

Monday, February 26

Creating Effective Presentations
Presenter: Neda Sahranavard

Have you ever presented a topic in front of an audience? Do you think delivering a speech is daunting? In this workshop you will learn the skills necessary for becoming a successful speaker. You will learn how to create the structure of a speech and how to present it in front of an audience effectively and confidently. In the workshop, you will also gain hands-on experience by practicing and presenting mini speeches in small groups using your ideas while thinking critically. 

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact programs@ic.uci.edu

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