J-1 Academic Training

Academic Training is a type of off-campus work authorization for employment in a student's field of study (does not need to be an “academic” job).  The J-1 student’s program sponsor (the institution that issues the DS-2019) is responsible for granting the authorization with the required documents explained in the application. Students who are sponsored by institutions other than UC Irvine (such as Fulbright, etc.) should check with that sponsor for information on Academic Training eligibility.

What is Academic Training?

  • Is available before or after completion of studies or program.

  • Can be part-time [20 hours per week or less] during the fall, winter, and spring quarters or full-time [up to 40 hours per week] during the summe

  • Requires you to have a job offer before you apply.

  • If you will apply for Academic Training for after completion of your studies or program, you must apply BEFORE the completion of your studies or program. 

  • Can be used for paid or unpaid internships or jobs. However, if it is unpaid, you must show proof of financial support for purposes of extending your DS-2019 beyond the end of your studies or program.

  • Allows for more than one job at a time, as long as they are all related to your field of study and separate Academic Training request forms are submitted for each job.  

  • Is available for a total of 18 months or for a period equal to the length of the study program, whichever is shorter.  

  • Can be extended only for postdoctoral researchers up to a maximum total of 36 months.  Students may apply for the extension up to 6 months prior but before the expiration of their 18-month academic training. Postdoctoral students who would like to request an extension beyond 18 months should speak with a student advisor at the IC.

  • Your job or internship must begin within 30 days of the program completion date. However, time authorized for Academic Training will begin counting the day after program completion.

Application Instructions

1. Review the J-1 Academic Training Information.

2. Meet with your academic advisor or EAP adviser to regarding your plans and to determine your completion date (for those applying for post-completion)

3. Have your academic advisor or EAP advisor  write a letter recommending the academic training. The letter must include the following:

  • Verify date of completion of degree
  • Goals and objectives of the specific academic training program
  • The location of the academic training, the name and address of the training supervisor, number of hours per week, and dates of the academic training
  • How the academic training relates to the students’ major field of study; and why it is an integral or critical par of the academic program of the student.

4. Obtain an employment offer letter from prospective employer that states the exact employment dates. Note: For post-completion AT, please fill out the I-20 Extension form and submit the following documents:

  • Bank Statement
  • Academic Status Verification Form
  • Copy of your 1-94 

5. Submit the J-1 Academic Training Application during a Student Employment Hand-In Session on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 9am-11am to the UCI International Center for review. Allow seven [7] working days for processing.

6. The International Center will issue a new DS-2019 and Employment Authorization Letter.

Alternate Application Submission Options

If you cannot attend an Employment Hand-In Session, your other options to submit your AT application:

  1. Schedule an appointment to meet with an International Center Student Advisor by calling 949.824.7249. OR
  2. Mail in your complete application to: UCI International Center, G302 UCI Student Center, Irvine, CA 92697-5255, Attention: J-1 Student Advisor - AT Application

Picking Up Your Approved AT Application [including extensions]

Normal processing time is 7 business days (day one starts the day after you submit your complete application), you can pick up your DS-2019 in these ways:

  1. Come to the International Center on the 7th business day and present a valid form of identification (e.g UCI Student ID).
  2. Make arrangements with an advisor to have your new DS-2019 mailed to you.
  3. Friend pick up: Prior arrangements must be made with an advisor to have your DS-2019 picked up by a friend (written authorization letter needed).


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